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Artist | Owner: Bill Hueg:
262 E. 4th Street | St. Paul, MN| 55101
720.281.5349 | billhueg@msn.com

Bill Hueg was born in Hornell, New York and was reared and educated in St. Paul, Minnesota. In 1973, he began studies at Atelier Lack, a traditional fine art school in Minneapolis. In 1978 he started an apprenticeship under Mike Lehen at Master Craft Sign Co, focusing on large-format billboard art.

In 1984 Bill founded Signs of Distinction, a commercial sign company with an emphasis on traditional design and craftsmanship. For several years afterward, Signs of Distinction incorporated fine pictorial work, jewel-like gold leaf and decorative glass details into its sign work.

He also became an active participant of the Letterheads, a group dedicated to keeping traditional sign making techniques alive. Throughout his career, Bill has received several national design awards for his work.

He continues to strive for excellence in all aspects of his work, which today is mainly figure sculpture and easel painting at "Peacock Studios" in Westminster, CO. Commisions will be gladly considered in all mediums presented on the website.


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Artist: Bill Hueg | Westminster, CO | 720.281.5349 | billhueg@msn.com